If you suspect that the cat or dog that bit you has tetanus, your doctor will probably prescribe an immunoglobulin injection. If you haven’t already seen a doctor and read https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/animals, whether it’s a bite or a scratch, you should clean the wound with clean running water (maybe soap and water) and disinfect it. After that, you should apply a clean dressing to the wound until the bleeding stops. However, if the wound is noticeably large and looks like a deep puncture or bite, and the bleeding does not stop, you should go immediately to a local clinic. This is especially important if the wound is on your face, neck, arm, or leg. Even if the bleeding has stopped, but the wound remains red, warm, swollen, and feels sore for the next few hours or days, get medical attention as soon as possible. Note that children who have been sick recently and the elderly may have a weakened immune system, so a bite or scratch can be dangerous for them. You should keep an eye on your pet as well. Pets can also suffer from tetanus or be infected from a victim’s bite.

If you develop symptoms of tetanus, you should see a doctor immediately. In addition to a tetanus immunoglobulin injection, doctors will also use antibiotics and medications to help you with muscle stiffness and cramps. It is worth noting that deaths from tetanus are not fatal, and proper medical treatment can last several months.

If you will be traveling to places where there are wild animals, or you have a job that involves animals, it is always important to make sure that you are properly vaccinated against tetanus. You should also provide your vaccination history to your doctor. If you have ever been bitten or scratched, it can be risky for tetanus.